Mattia Bianchi: "Best italian professor under 40"

Mattia Bianchi is the winner of the third edition of the ASFOR Award 2019 Best Under 40 Italian Professor, promoted by ASFOR in collaboration with the Gianluca Spina Association.

The award, in memory of the former President of the Politecnico Di Milano, Gianluca Spina, recognizes the international excellence of young teachers and researchers in the field of management education, who have been able to achieve international excellence while leveraging the heritage, culture and the DNA of Italy.

Mattia Bianchi, Professor of Business Administration at the Stockholm School of Economics with a Degree and Doctorate in Management Engineering, distinguished himself for the excellence and completeness of his profile with respect to research and teaching activities.

"It is an honor to present this award to Professor Bianchi", explained Prof. Raffaella Cagliano during the awards ceremony. "His profile impressed us with his diverse international experience, his acknowledgments and the institutional roles he held. Moreover, a key factor was also his extensive research, which ranges from entrepreneurship to operations management."

At the award ceremony, Mattia Bianchi expressed his gratitude for the received award. "A sincere and heartfelt thanks to ASFOR - Italian Association for Managerial Training and to the Gianluca Spina Association for this special award", Mattia Bianchi opened. "First, because it is Italian: from Italy I received so much, including a solid education. I hope to give you enough back over the course of my professional experience. Second, for those who have received it in the past, who are exceptional researchers and teachers. Third, because it comes from the main association for management training. Training is a complex activity, in which we dedicate ourselves to understanding others. Doing it well is a source of great satisfaction. Finally, the award is in memory of Gianluca Spina, the first teacher from whom I learned the fundamentals of business management and who strongly contributed to my passion for this discipline. It is an honor, thank you!"

On behalf of all SSE Russia employees and Alumni, we offer our sincere congratulations to Prof. Mattia Bianchi on this remarkable occasion and wish him a success in the future professional activities!

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Professor Mattia Bianchi
Professor Mattia Bianchi