Congratulations on the beginning of a new academic year!

Traditionally the 1 of September is The Knowledge Day in Russia. And it is not just about our children or grandchildren going to school for the first time, or university students who start their BSc Program or those who join any educational course. No matter what level of the school you choose, it’s still about common things: new friends, personal growth, intellectual development and practice in leadership, responsibility and managing challenges. All that in the end of the day gets you stronger, prepares you for future aspirations and makes your life full of potential and success.

Therefore, I am enthusiastic and proud to address to our prospect students, current program participants, alumni and other leading academic institutions worldwide wishing you all the best in the upcoming academic year.

Our key priority as a top international business school is to contribute to sustainable development of all areas of Russian economy and society through research as well as the education of leaders and innovators.

The Stockholm School of Economics has been active in Russia for almost 25 years and by now more than 2 500 alumni have graduated from our various programs. Combined with the 110 years of experience in business education in Sweden, this puts us in a unique position in the Russian market. A position that allows us to provide executives and managers with state of the art education and knowledge while at the same time not forgetting the specifics of the Russian context.

Our courses in Russia ground on belief that even though models and theories are important and integral parts of our programs, successful leadership and change goes far beyond the mere knowledge of business and management models and theories and thus should include a clearly defined goal.

Although the SSE Russia portfolio of programs is highly diverse, ranging from the two EMBA programs, three innovative open programs, to tailor-made corporate programs, they all drive individual change, which aims at revealing internal resources, strengthening capability to handle difficult tasks and giving you a powerful boost.

And today together with all SSE Russia employees and faculty we congratulate all confident but still curious leaders who are ready to manage changes and meet the challenges of the future. Be open minded, trust yourself and create the most breakthrough projects to benefit your organizations and the society as a whole.

Best regards,
Anders Paalzow
The President of Stockholm School of Economics on Russia

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Anders Paalzow<br/>The President of SSE Russia
Anders Paalzow
The President of SSE Russia