Mattia Bianchi has been appointed Professor of Business Administration by the Board of Directors of the Stockholm School of Economics. Mattia acts as Director of Operations Management in SSE Russia, he teaches innovation management, lean production, design thinking and conducts business simulations. He is always high-rated by both our learners and those of SSE in Stockholm, where in 2018 he won the “Teacher of the Year” award in master's degree programs.

One more member of our faculty, Claes Berlin, has been recently elected President of the Swedish Association for Quality, a non-profit organization uniting those working in business development and quality management. Being a teacher, Claes is also a highly experienced business professional. With 35 years’ work in the aerospace industry, various divisions of SAAB notably, he now runs his own consultancy. As an expert in quality management, supply chain management and project management he has been successfully teaching at SSE Russia over a number of years.

professor Mattia Bianchi

Mattia Bianchi

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Claes Berlin
Claes Berlin