Successful Stockholm Culture Night at SSE

On Saturday April 24, SSE took part in Stockholm Culture Night for the second time. The school opened the doors to the public and offered a program with art, architecture, music, and literature. Nearly all guided art tours were fully booked, and over 1000 visitors came in total. The SSE student choir Friedmans Apostlar gave two very appreciated concerts.

SSE took part in "Kulturnatten" (Stockholm Culture Night) in cooperation with Stadsbiblioteket (Stockholm Public Library), which is currently renovating its premises. They were therefore able to arrange their activities in the SSE main building instead. Several alumni returned with friends and family, many people living in Vasastan were curious to see the school and representatives from corporate partners paid a visit. Among the visitors were also many tourists and potential students.

"We are so happy for the interest from the public during Kulturnatt Stockholm. More than 1000 people visited SSE with a particular interest in our guided tours. Among other activities a visit to the library and the opportunity to listen to Friedmans Apostlar’s spring concerts were also very popular", says Karin Folcker, who was the organizer of the event at SSE.

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SSE took part in "Kulturnatten"
SSE took part in "Kulturnatten"