TOP-100 Sweden's most popular lecturers in 2021 - Lena Lid Falkman (SSE)

Lena Lid Falkman, an Assistant Professor at SSE, qualified for the list of TOP-100 Sweden's most popular lecturers and moderators in 2021, according to 

Lena is focused on leadership and communication for the last 20 years. Her research has been awarded both in Europe and the US. The last 10 years Lena has studied how technology changes the way we work, lead and live. She has lead the interdisciplinary research project Offices in the Future. She has written a book about virtual meeting and looked at virtual teams, leading from a distance and working from home. Knowledge that is valuable in these days!

Last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, when everyone was suddenly forced to move to self-isolation and distance working, Lena Leed Falkman presented a webinar to SSE Russia Executive MBA students, alumni and partners on topic "Tricks of remote leadership". She shared with participants valuable practical knowledge on how a leader can create trust even though you are distant from his/her co-workers, what kind of leadership is needed when done remote, how to keep good relations without meeting in person.

This is how Lena is described by those who attend her lectures:

“Lena conveys research on working life in a fantastic way and during the pandemic, her knowledge has really been needed. By using an easy-going and positive tone, she gets a hearing from the audience, but she also possesses weight and credibility, which means that the audience brings with them useful food knowledge that they carry with them even after the seminar. She is able to make research popular and understandable, she deserves both a gold star and this award. ”
-Kristofer Persson, Consultant, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson

“Lena Lid Falkman is extremely knowledgeable, it feels like when she lectures that she knows her subjects safely. And she can, of course, because she herself has researched the results. She is always at the forefront of her findings, she started talking about digital meetings several years ago (and wrote a book on the subject) ”.
-Mia Öhrn, Stockholm School of Economics

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Lena Lid Falkman
Lena Lid Falkman