Reasons to study Business and Economics in SSE Riga

Have you ever thought what it takes for employees to compete to hire you? It’s the choices you make, right? We live in the changing world and wonder how to be successful and competitive now and in the future.  If you are among of those wondering what should be your next step to be successful in the future, consider becoming one of SSE community! 
In the interactive lecture Yuri Romanenkov will look at real life examples and reasons why Bachelor studies at SSE Riga is a key to success and a right choice.
During the event you will not only be inspired, but also provided with all information needed to start your studies in Riga. A place that is close enough to home, but providing all European opportunities! 

The event is free of charge and everyone who is interested is invited. We would especially appreciate if you share this information with high school students and their parents that consider studying abroad. 

About the lecturer: Yuri Romanenkov is the Executive Vice President of Development and a Business Administration faculty member at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Yuri's teaching experience includes a role as the Course Director for Strategy at SSE Riga that he held since 2015 and, prior to that, teaching undergraduate micro- and macroeconomics with Prof. NG Mankiw at Harvard University in 2013-14.


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