The round table conferenceof the Stockholm School of Economics: HR and digital transformation of organizations

The roundtable conference "HR and Digital Transformation of Organizations" was organized by the Stockholm School of Economicsas as a part of the NEW RETAIL FORUM. The Post of Russia was held at the Skolkovo Technopark on November 14. The experts gathered to discuss structural and value changes in HR of companies under the pressure of digital transformation.

Vsevolod Krylov, the moderator of the round table and the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia Executive MBA programs director, opened the meeting with a talk about digital innovations as an effective tool for developing the company's potential. He stressed the crucial role of investing resources into the human capital in the circumstances of creating a technological platform for a business.

Nadezhda Styazhkina, Head of Digital in Antal Russia together with Natalia Ustinova, HR Director of L'Occitane Russia, shared the key management problems influenced by digital transformation of companies and the ways of building a cohesive team in the new digitalized environment, which become the key to successful sales.

Sergey Makedonsky, CEO of in4media / Forrester Russia, illustrated the link between client experience (CX) and new employee experience (EX), showing that both are vitally important for the company’s well-being. The development of the right skills and corporate culture contributes to the improvement of employees’ positive experience, which leads to their increasing work efficiency.

Dmitry Titarev, the Stockholm School of EconomicsCorporate Programs Director, had addressed the subject of digital transformation drivers and explained how to create a unified information environment in the company, combining strategy, electronic document management, business processes, office work and project management.

Finally, Artyom Kumpel, Managing Director of Avito Jobs, presented the latest research on behavior and motivations of the blue collar workers during the search for a job in retail. The trend of recent years is that the most important criteria for middle managers in their work search are timely wage payments and absence of KPIs, which can affect both the increase and decrease of income.

Elena Kubanova, Deputy Director General for Human Resources and Social Issues of JSC Russian Post, was the guest of the round table. The trend towards a new format of C2C (customer - to - customer), where anyone, in fact, can act as both buyer and seller, leads to the transformation of the post office. The volume of communications, where operational transactional interaction requires introduction of the digital human resources management, i.e. the elimination of the human factor, is growing.

During the subsequent discussion, the speakers agreed that digital transformation of the market is having major impact on the search and training of personnel. They exchanged views on how to prepare for digital changes, where to search and how to train new professionals, on which of the new competencies to focus on.

"Digitalization is a process of automation as well as changing processes and culture within the company. This includes the transfer of everything that is not part of the core competencies of the organization to the digital economy. This will result in the concentration of databases and increase in their volume, which will make the choice of employees more personalized. The improvement of big data processing methods and the formation of machine learning algorithms will allow companies to find ideal employees for any vacancy in the near future. We can assume that in the long run this will lead to the death of the company's culture and increase the role of professional culture and ethics," – Vsevolod Krylov commented on the general topic of the roundtable discussion.

Представители Стокгольмской Школы Экономики Школы

Dmitry Titarev, Mihail Platonov, Vsevolod Krylov

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From a forum in Skolkovo
From a forum in Skolkovo