Seventh academic year of the corporate educational program of RZD in modular format of Executive MBA is opened

Opening of Northwestern center of corporate education RZD-Leader took place in St. Petersburg on December 11 of 2014.

President of RZD Vladimir Yakunin, Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, Vice President of RZD Victor Stepov and Director of the Oktyabrskaya Railway Oleg Valinsky participated in the solemn ceremony.

In the framework of opening of the center President of RZD Yakunin said:

- Today, we open an educational cluster creation of which will allow improvement of quality of corporate education demand for which is very high now. Besides the halls and classrooms there will also be a hotel for employees from other cities who study here, as well as museum of the Oktyabskaya Railway and conference halls. The building has state-of-the-art equipment, takes into account the needs of groups of the population with limited mobility and all this reflects the approach of RZD to the corporate system of governance, corporate culture and ethic from the very moment of construction.

After completion of the opening ceremony President of RZD Yakunin handed out certificates to graduates of the corporate educational program of RZD holding in modular format Executive MBA of Stockholm School of Economics of 2014.

Yakunin stressed:

- The more people study here, the stronger the railways will be and so the stronger our country will become.

As honorable professor of Stockholm School of Economics Russia President of RZD Yakunin also read a lecture entitled "Role and place of corporate governance in the course of reforming of the system-forming Russian companies into vertically integrated holdings" for students of the third module of corporate educational program "Basics of marketing."

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Education Center RZD-Leader
Education Center RZD-Leader