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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”– Aristotle.
“The companies that survive longest are the ones that work out what they uniquely can give to the world not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others”, - Charles Handy.

The Stockholm School of Economics believes in its graduates, because one of the results studying in SSE brings about is entering into a circle of like-minded businesspeople. They share not only the thirst for knowledge, but also the desire to make the world around them a better place. They believe that together it is easier to achieve success, they are open to cooperation, and they stand by ready to give a hand. They understand clear as day that the future of any country depends on everyone’s personal contribution to the development of society.

The current situation with the spread of coronavirus has clearly demonstrated once again that the main product of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia are successful, but humane and socially responsible, business and industry leaders. Here we provide just a few examples taken from different sources:

Oriflame factory in Noginsk produced and sent a large amount (10 000 units) of personal hygiene products to the administration of Bogorodsky urban district of Moscow region. Hospitals, nursing homes and low-income families received them. The initiative will continue on a regular basis until the situation stabilizes. 

Oriflame in Kharkiv also donated 5,000 units of hygiene products to the elderly population. 

(Our graduates from Oriflame: Alexey Lutko EMBA GM18, Alexey Presnyak EMBA GMR9, Anife Gafarova EMBA GM16, Ekaterina Mamedova EMBA GMR4, Elena Fadeeva EMBA GM8, Martha Svistun EMBA GM17, Naira Margaryan EMBA GM18, Natalia Mayorova EMBA GM16, Olga Anisimova EMBA GM10, Stanislava Malikova EMBA GM16, Victor Afonin EMBA GM17).

In St. Petersburg, the company "Sistema Zabota" (“Care System”) (General Director Konstantin Livshits EE 3) launched a hotline, which operates 24/7 including holidays to help the elderly people of the city to cope with stress in this difficult time.

The "Ne naprasno" (“Not in vain”) Cancer Prevention Foundation (Ilya Fomintsev EMBA GMR10, Zoya Popova EMBA GM19, Anna Poshivalova GMR1) has launched a "What to do" campaign in St. Petersburg to fight the coronavirus in Russia.  The “What to Do” combines the "Just Ask About COVID-19" reference service, an information database for physicians and a hospital support program. The Foundation purchased and sent medical equipment and supplies to the St. George's City Hospital, the City Multidisciplinary Hospital No. 2 and the Children's City Hospital No. 1 in St. Petersburg, while Polyclinic No. 37 and Polyclinic of the Central District of St. Petersburg received units of protection from the Foundation. The team is planning to extend their efforts to other regions as well.

TD "Petrovich" (Igor Kolynin EMBA SM3, Galina Yurganova EMBA GM11) provides Russian doctors with free masks, which the company purchases specifically for this purpose despite the supply shortages. The DIY-retailer has opened an email address for public medical institutions to send their applications to. The team of Petrovich guarantees a prompt consideration of each application and supplies as much masks as possible to the medical institutions of the North-Western Federal District.

Confectionery "British Bakeries" (Anna Petrova HR2) participates in the campaign #поддерживрача (support the doctor) which is conducted by Market Media and supplies food to hospitals in St. Petersburg.

DoDo (co-founder Mikhail Chernyshev EMBA SM2) has launched a quality hand sanitizer distribution at a cost prize in every DoDo’s pizzeria in Russia. In order to save jobs, the company's top managers have reduced their own salaries to the minimum amount possible under the law. Mikhail also took part in a charity auction for the “Bolshaya Peremena” (Big Change) Foundation. The Fund helps orphaned children and orphanages’ graduates to get education (Founder Irina Ryazanova EMBA GMR9). 

Dodo partner-franchisee in Salekhard also supplies food for the ambulance teams free of charge. 

We are proud that SSE Russia is a business school for the whole of society

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