The Stockholm School of Economics of Russia has launched its 13th Executive MBA General Management program held in Russian

The new GMR13 group started their Executive MBA program held in Russian on November 25. The faculty and team of SSE Russia business school are happy to welcome our new students and wish them success in their education.

"2020 has not been an easy year for business schools around the world. The Stockholm School of Economics in Russia has been steadily taking up the challenges and now launched its second full-sized Executive MBA group this year. I am pleased with the success of our team, and I also wish the students of the program to achieve success, gain strategic knowledge and reach a higher level of managerial competence," Anders Paalzow, President of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, says.

The average age of EMBA GMR13 students is 38 years with the managerial experience of 11 years. They gathered for the launch of the program from a lot of different regions of Russia and CIS: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Ufa, Magnitogorsk, Orel, Kazan. The gender ratio of our students is 50/50. Program participants, top managers and executives, represent various sectors of the economy: construction, banking, transport and logistics, retail, healthcare, IT, metallurgy, oil and gas industries.

"To paraphrase Plato, hard times create strong leaders. Despite the period of turbulence, the group members have made a bold decision to take the difficult path of professional and personal transformation. And this is the right thing to do, because when you face problems, it is crucial to be able to find in them those sides that will help turn the situation to your advantage. And I am sure that SSE Executive MBA program is the right choice in this regard," Vsevolod Krylov, EMBA program director, comments.

Executive MBA program of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia consists of 13 study modules (and takes about 18 months) and includes communication with foreign teachers, learning and implementation of the latest business practices in the students’ own companies, 2 international modules (in Israel and Sweden), and most importantly - communication with like-minded people and continuous experience exchange.The program is based on the FREE concept, which includes the development of critical thinking, leadership and self-awareness, social responsibility, intercultural education and design thinking.


The first Executive MBA General Management program, based on Hans Rausing's entrepreneurship program, was presented by the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia back in 2000. Graduates of this program were the first to receive an SSE diploma signed by the president of the Stockholm School of Economics. As a result, SSE Russia has accumulated extensive teaching experience and annually launches two EMBA groups: one in English and one in English with simultaneous Russian interpretation.

The Executive MBA General Management admission is already opened for 2021. For those applying for EMBA programs in advance, a special “Early Bird” offer (-10%) is available:

  • The deadline for EMBA General Management held in English is March 1, 2021 (program launches on September 22, 2021).
  • The deadline for EMBA General Managementheld in Russian is May 1, 2021 (program launches on November 24, 2021).

If you want to get an overview of the Executive MBA program, speak with the program director and graduates, or visit the module, sign up on 

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GMR13 first module started
GMR13 first module started