SSE Russia has launched the new group of Executive MBA General Management program in English

The Stockholm School of Economics of Russia has launched its 22nd Executive MBA General Management program in English on September 22.The start of the program traditionally took place in the Leningrad region. CEOs, commercial and executive directors, heads of divisions of both large Russian and international companies began their educational journey. In addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg, the group also includes participants from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Kazakhstan. The average age of EMBA GM22 students is 37 with the managerial experience of 9 years.

"The program participants have started a difficult but interesting journey. By getting to know each other, gradually exchanging experience and gaining knowledge, they will learn how to think strategically. Some may eventually expand their businesses or start new projects in their companies. But most importantly, they will meet a better version of themselves: they will improve their efficiency, get a broader perspective, make new friends and connections, and develop self-confidence. Congratulations to the new students in the SSEEMBA GM22 group. May the passion for knowledge and optimism follow you during the whole program," Anders Paalzow, the president of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia,says.

The admission board emphasised the good professional level of the recruited applicants. It was also noted that by September 2021, the total number of applications for this year is 15% higher compared to last year. This shows that interest in Executive MBA business education is steadily increasing. This is mainly due to an understanding of the need for personal transformation and preparation for the challenges of the changing world.

"We are particularly delighted to see that about half of the participants are women. Gender balance in the group is crucial to its productivity and creativity. Today, many companies, adjusting to the new reality, are changing their approach not only to technology, but also to the corporate culture. New HR policies have been setting a goal to balance the number of men and women in the teams. Russian business is already on the way to the gender equality. Being sensitive to the global agenda, women are more actively investing in professional development and coming to the Executive MBA program in order to improve their practical management skills. In the future, it will be easier for them to manage any team, both female and male," says Katerina Hellström, academic director of the SSE Russia Executive MBA program.

GM22 participants will attend 13 intense educational modules, work on a team project of change, and network with international experts and practitioner teachers who are consultants to major companies. In addition, the EMBA program includes a minimum of two international modules as well as the opportunity to take a module at one of GNAM's partner schools (Global Network for Advanced Management), which develops international networking and cross-cultural skills. Modules will take place over 5 days, 3-5 weeks apart, from Wednesday to Sunday. Participants of EMBA GM22 group will graduate in 2023.

The next Executive MBA GMR14 group in Russian will be launched in November of 2021.

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First day of GM22 classes
First day of GM22 classes