Launch of the Executive MBA General Management program in English at SSE Russia

On September 9 the highly awaited first module for the 21st Executive MBA program in English has started. The core group of participants joined it as early as March of 2020, before the quarantine and had been on hold ever since.

"It seems that just recently there was a graduation of my previous EMBA group, and now it’s as if there is a return to the good old "yesterday" in the form of a new group with all the new ideas and impressions it will bring. In order to start getting acquainted with each other and to form a team, the participants have created a group in Whatsap where they immediately started to ask questions, comment on the upcoming assignments and updates on the preparation materials. Even before the official launch, we had held several meetings in ZOOM to discuss the training concept and some business models. I can confidently say that we managed to attract active, energetic and knowledge-oriented students," Pavel Novikov, program director, shared.

On the morning of the first day of the module, the group was traditionally welcomed by the President of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia Anders Paalzow. First of all, he emphasized the importance of keeping the historical connection between Sweden and Russia, reminding about the mission and origins of the founding of the School by Hans Rausing, head of Tetra Pack. “For the Executive MBA program, we are searching for and welcoming participants, who are open to everything new, value the exchange of experience, seek to change their view on business, sense the opportunities in the air and want to manage their lives and their future. Congratulations on the beginning of this unforgettable stage in your life,” he concluded.

All EMBA students have to pass tests, be interviewed and carefully selected by the Swedish Admissions Committee. This is necessary so that everyone can contribute to the process of mutual learning, share experiences and discuss practical issues, as most of the Executive MBA program operates through interaction with like-minded people.

Membership of the GM21 group, including participants not only from Russia, but also Sweden, represent a diverse range of industries: logistics, real estate, medicine and healthcare, chemical, oil and gas and heavy industry, law, IT. The age range is from 26 to 45 years, 60% of them are men and 40% are women. The average managerial experience is 9 years.

“It is really exciting to witness the birth of this new story, a new turn in the development of the School, and to participate in it side by side with the faculty and students of the group”, Ekaterina Bukhalo, the manager of GM21 group, comments.

The first Executive MBA General Management program, which based on the Hans Rausing's entrepreneurship program, was presented by the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia back in 2000. Graduates of this program were the first to receive an SSE diploma signed by the president of the Stockholm School of Economics. As a result, SSE Russia has accumulated extensive teaching experience and annually launches two EMBA groups: one in English and one in English with simultaneous Russian interpretation.

The launch of the 13th Executive MBA General Management Group in Russian is scheduled for November 25, 2020.

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During the online module
During the online module