SSE took part in the VIII International Intelligent Production Systems Summit

If we think about it, many people may still remember traditional wooden abacus that used to be quite useful for cashiers and accountants. Only a few decades have passed and we have so much data that we are now using advanced computer systems to process it. Stephen Hawking called the twenty-first century the Century of Complexity in an Unpredictable World. A direct consequence of complexity is uncertainty and multifactorality, breaking down planning and management systems. Therefore, the leader's challenge is to organize processes quickly and without major disruption for as long as possible.

On 7-9 April, the problems of adapting to this new reality were discussed at the international Intelligent Production Systems Summit. Speakers included Dave Snowden (Singapore), one of the world's leading experts in creating human sensor networks to develop new forecasting tools for industrial companies and services; Olga Bogatyreva (UK), founder and director of BioTRIZ, PhD in complex systems theory; Mark Gallagher (UK), CEO and Managing Director of Performance Insights Limited, who previously held various executive positions in Formula One for over 30 years.

New times demand new technologies and solutions, so it was particularly relevant that Petr Matveev, Executive MBA student at Stockholm School of Economics Russia's GM20 program, Director of Business Development at Ericsson, Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, spoke at the first session «Building resilience of business systems in the new reality».

The expansion of 5G networks is driven by the growing application of both information technologies and data transmission systems in various industries: oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, logistics, medicine, etc. Petr talked about the opportunities that 5G networks and new technologies are already offering to the Russian businesses.

In addition to faster data transmission speeds and new frequency spectrum, companies will have a consolidated communications networks with the support for a wide range of services to meet operational and technological demands, such as security and energy efficiency. Next-generation networks can provide 10-15% productivity gains for companies. 5G networks enable the implementation of robotic systems, multimedia and VR options, bringing economic benefits of up to 116% by reducing operating costs, minimizing expenses and equipment downtime, and remotely monitoring employees' work.

Among the speakers were several speakers affiliated with SSE Russia.

Peter Zashev, professor at Hanken&SSE Executive Education and guest lecturer at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, the second session "Leadership in the New Reality", discussed the topic of smart leadership systems. In the context of the VUCA world, uncertainty in the eyes of a leader may be considered either as a risk or as an opportunity to choose from several alternatives. Major companies have come to success by multiplying their non-material assets (human, customer and organisational capitals).

Vsevolod Krylov, SSE Russia Business Development Director and session moderator, explained to the Summit participants the problem of staff shortage and transformation of hiring process, blurring of geographical lines and industries, as well as the fact that young professionals have Maslow's pyramid basic needs satisfied by their parents, but their need for respect, self-actualization and development is growing. Knowledge and qualifications, routine skills are gradually being devalued in the labour market and the ability to communicate at a new level is becoming crucial. Stockholm School of Economics recommends a stronger focus on communicative leadership and new human capital in this situation.

Dmitry Gorbachev, SSE Russia Executive MBA GM18, Severstal Management Business System Development Director, was talking about practical experience of lean production transformation into lean digital and further into production product approach, demonstrating that Lean-systems give effect that exceeds investments in their implementation dozen fold.

Dmitry Titarev, SSE Russia Corporate Program Director and EMBA GM13 alumnus, explained how to combine the concepts of Run the business and Change the business in management to both properly set the goals and distribute tasks in the business to balance the present, which ensures the company's existence, and hardly predictable but desirable future.

Special thanks to Olga Andreeva, producer of the Intelligent Production Systems Summit, Lyudmila Murgulets, co-organiser for communications and business community relations, as well as to all the speakers and participants of the conference.

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