Launch of the Executive MBA General Management program in Russian at Stockholm School of Economics of Russia

The launch of the 12th group of Executive MBA General Management program in Russian at the Stockholm School of Economics of Russia took place on November 27. 39 participants arrived at the Scandinavia Hotel in Sestroretsk for their first module: to get know each other, to settle in the educational process and start learning. All GMR12 Executive MBA members immediately plunged into hard work. On the first day, Alexey Gribanov, the program director, spoke about the School values and the principles of integrating academic knowledge with real business through practice and cases.

Traditionally, on Saturday Alumni came to the hotel to share with new participants their impressions of studying, talk about their achievements after the end of the program and about their connections with the School and their classmates. More than 20 people came to the meeting this time. They represented different years of graduations.

A few key facts about GMR12 participants:

  • They represent 17 cities and regions (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Almetyevsk, Angarsk, Baku, Vyborg, Kemerovo, Tallinn, Magnitogorsk, Kazan, Kostanay, Krasnodar, Perm, Stavropol, Ufa, Cherepovets
  • They possess managerial experience from 2 up to 25 years with the average of 10 years.
  • They are 27-51 years old with the average age of 41.
  • 6 program participants are owners and/or co-owners of their companies, 2 are members of the Board of Directors, 23 are senior executives while 8 are mid-level executives.
  • 31 participants are married. 12 have 1 child, with another 15 having 2 children and 7 more having 3 children.
  • They all passed a serious selection process - 2 entrance tests and 2 interviews.
  • 18 participants are sponsored by their companies, another 18 pay by themselves, while the remaining 3 partially share the cost their education with their companies.

Welcome to the Stockholm School of Economics - a new chapter of your life begins!

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