The 5th round of Business Zoom open program launched

The 5th round of Business Zoom open program was launched at SSE Russia on November 26th. Private entrepreneurs, business owners and managers of small and medium enterprises are among the participants of a new group. For the fifth time SSE Russia opened its doors to executives who want to grow their business and expand the horizons of entrepreneurial mindset.
The 1st module of the program was traditionally held at SSE class in St. Petersburg. It was dedicated to development of leadership skills, management of teams and organization. In addition to learning sessions participants are involved into business project during the whole program.

Business Zoom takes 9 months and includes 6 “face to face” modules.  Program faculty is represented by world-class international and local instructors. Also, prominent entrepreneurs and top managers will share their business experience and insights with participants. Business Zoom offers a unique opportunity to explore the drivers of business growth and develop management skills.

Алексей Попов директор программы BZ5

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First day for group BZ5 classes
First day for group BZ5 classes