Stockholm School of Economics at SPIEF 2019

On June 6, at SPIEF 2019, media company The Bell, backed by Russian Venture Company, held an open meeting on business education. The meeting was addressing the following subject “Transforming yourself. What kind of education can make you an international businessman.”

The discussion between representatives of business schools and founders of successful businesses was joined by The Bell founder, Elizaveta Osetinskaya. The Stockholm School of Economics was represented by Alexey Popov, Director of Open and Corporate Programs. Along  with other speakers: Vitaly Ponomarev, the founder of one of the most promising Russian startups WayRay, Andrei Sharonov, president of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Boris Kim, the founder of QIWI, and Maria Lapuk, the founder of Vinci Agency, he discussed challenging and pressing issues.

How to study business and does it make any sense in principle? What is it worth studying for a small-scale business owner? How to convert one’s skills and business models into international "currency"? What kind of education will earn you Forbes recognition? These were the questions that underlay an absorbing discussion. Despite having different professional background and views on business education, the discussion members mutually agreed that interest in learning is formed back in childhood, and thriving businessmen never cease to learn and develop themselves throughout their lives.

SSE Russia at SPIEF 2019


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Alexey Popov at SPIEF 2019
Alexey Popov at SPIEF 2019