Lean Management in Action: Final Module of MMK “The New Generation” Program

The last training module of the corporate program designed for Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works flew organically from the previous one, dedicated to Lean management. From June 10 to June 13 the program participants were studying how various Russian and foreign companies implemented Lean system. The module began in St Petersburg with visits the learners paid to Ariston and Hyundai facilities, after which the group moved to Helsinki to see how they put Lean management into practice in Finland, at Posti (Finnish Post) and Fazer in particular.

These visits clearly demonstrated that regardless of a field a company specializes in, Lean management is based on the philosophy of respect for people and continuous improvement. Visiting Ariston, for instance, the program participants got curious to learn how the employees were encouraged to bring forward improvement suggestions. These improvements are scored, depending on their effectiveness, to be later translated into financial reward. While Ariston is at an early stage of lean management introduction, Hyundai plant serves a classic example of Lean system application. At this plant the workers involvement into the improvement of their workplaces and resolving problems with regard to the production processes is ensured by, among other things, having fully visualized results in each production area.

The companies visits over, the teams of program participants developed and presented Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model and Lean Iceberg Model.

In their spare time, if any, the group took an evening St Petersburg rivers and canals boat trip, the Stockholm School of Economics arranged. On completion of the module the MMK employees returned to Magnitogorsk to implement Lean system within their organization.

модуль корпоративной программы Магнитогорского металлургического комбината

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