The SSE Russia has updated Executive MBA program for 2021

There's a lot of talk today about the business world changing rapidly: what was important six months ago may be losing its significance this very moment. Industry conferences, webinars with "celebrity" speakers and meetings with bestselling business authors tend to make one feel like they are keeping "one's finger on the pulse" and are aware of the current trends. But this has a short-term effect. Long-term executive education programs are designed not only to be "Point Break", but also to be trend-spotters.

Stockholm School of Economics' Executive MBA program is no exception. Therefore, the School's academic team works hard to ensure that the EMBA program is regularly updated to meet the challenges of the times and the leaders’ of the future needs. In 2021, the EMBA program offers a number of benefits:

CUSTOMISATION. In addition to active personal case studies, individual coaching sessions to enhance leadership potential, business plans building, development and implementation of a change project in their companies, in 2021 the program gives participants the opportunity to attend two additional optional modules (electives) in Stockholm, Riga or Russia.

SCANDINAVIAN CONTEXT. The EMBA program of the SSE Russia campus has become as synchronised as possible and is as close as possible to the course content of the programs in the Stockholm School of Economics campuses in Sweden and Latvia. This will allow participants to be acquainted with the European management style and keep updated on the developments in rapidly developing global markets.

EXCHANGE PROGRAM. Through SSE's membership of GNAM (Global Network for Advanced Management), EMBA participants have the opportunity to take a module at one of the partner schools, which contributes to international networking and develops cross-cultural skills.

INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY. The EMBA program now has a greater focus on sustainability and business innovation strategy. One international module focusing on innovation will take place in Israel and will include both visits to leading local businesses and meetings with entrepreneurs. In the global ranking of innovation ecosystems, Israel consistently ranks one of the highest along with Silicon Valley in California and the economic capitals of Europe. Industry leaders such as IBM, Intel, Google, Cisco and Philips have opened research centers in the country.

A FOCUS ON COMMUNICATION AND EXPERIENCE EXCHANGE. 13 modules consisting of 5 full days per week focus on group work, networking with international experts and faculty-practitioners who consult the large companies. Several hours per day in each module are devoted to meetings with entrepreneurs and researchers, including alumni of the SSE EMBA program over the years. This provides participants with the opportunity to expand their competencies by absorbing the experience and knowledge of others, as well as to build networks that will further support their professional and personal development.

"Participants in our Executive MBA programs want to develop a better understanding of how to successfully conduct business and make complex decisions in a global world. They're looking for the practical benefits of the courses to be applied in the workplace, rather than cramming of formulas and texts. We have an ongoing dialogue with our students and alumni, so we continue to improve SSE EMBA programs every year to meet the expectations and challenges of our participants," says Katerina Hellström, the academic director of Executive MBA programs at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.

Stockholm School of Economics Executive MBA programs launch on September 22 (English speaking group) and on November 22 2021 (Russian speaking group).

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