Turning point. How to overcome personal career crisis.

Forbes — 22.11.2018

Anna Izmailova, Sales & Marketing Director of SSE Russia shared her expert opinion in methods of overcoming personal career crisis in Forbes’s November edition.

Turning point. How to overcome personal career crisis.

«Career growth is a common goal for many of us. Every year the number of people who put the successful career in the priority pyramid on the first place leaving their family and friends on the sidelines is increasing.
Kjell Nordstrom, famous Swedish futurologist, author of best-selling “Funky Business” states the world will be ruled by women-careerists in their 40s.
We will see, probably it will come true. However, dreams of brilliant career usually remain somewhat abstract.
Oftentimes, participants of business-trainings and couch-sessions say they wish to earn a lot of money and be famous.
But, when they are asked counter-questions – “How much money do you need? What area would you prefer to become famous in?” the questions remain unanswered….»

Read the full article (in Russian): http://www.forbes.ru/karera-i-svoy-biznes/369451-povorotnyy-punkt-kak-preodolet-lichnyy-krizis-v-karere

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