SSE webinars "Russia in the global economy"

At the Stockholm School of Economics learning is not over after programs participants are awarded diplomas. To keep its alumni up to date on the latest business development tendencies, SSE Russia regularly organizes lectures and seminars, inviting the best teachers and top-notch experts.

This time an analysis of the current economic situation as part of Business Zoom program was presented by Vasiliy Konstantinovich Dermanov Vasily Konstantinovich Dermanov. What are the causes of the current economic downturn in Russia? What is it that makes rental economy vulnerable? Are there any prerequisites for a global economic recession? These were only some of the topics covered by the speaker in the series of webinars "Russia in the global economy."
Started with explanation of theoretical basis and concepts, the three webinars, held on May 21, 23 and 28, gradually grew into the current economic situation analysis. Combined by a common logic of presentation, they represented a whole course.

The Open Webinars mode of study gave an opportunity to listen to the speaker and ask questions equally to those present in the SSE classroom in St Petersburg and those participating remotely. Moreover, not only alumni were invited to take part, but everyone eager to learn about the modern economy concepts  and seeking better understanding of the current economic situation.

Вебинар Buziness Zoom Стокгольмской Школы Экономики

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Vasily Dermanov
Vasily Dermanov