Which Swedish Universities Create the Most Successful Entrepreneurs?

There is no doubt that Sweden has an extraordinary ability of creating world class startups. The editors of medium.com looked at the top 60 startups in Sweden based on articles and the Crunchbase, ranking, and have accumulated data on which universities create the most entrepreneurs.

Stockholm Universities Dominate the Swedish Startup Scene. 107 graduates from Swedish universities and start-up businesses took part in the study, of which 59 (55%) graduated from universities in Stockholm. It is clear that Stockholm is the center of the startup ecosystem of the country.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics, and Lund University are the top 3 universities from which founders graduated.

The ratio of the date of university admission to the date of foundation of new companies by students showed that 22% of the founders started their companies during their time at university or less than a year out from graduation.

"I am not surprised that Swedish business schools having a good reputation attract the attention of smart, proactive and innovative people. The existing educational environment not only encourages entrepreneurship, but also establishes support functions that aid the company-building process. And young talents actively take advantage of this opportunity: they have environment which rich in advice, capital and mentorship. If we can support our start-up entrepreneurs now, the Russian startup projects market also would have a great potential for rapid development as in Sweden," Alexey Gribanov, EMBA Program Director at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, says.

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