Baltic Rim Project with Michael Porter

The Baltic Rim Project: Helping Russia to obtain a competitive advantage · The case of eBusiness and telecommunications

This section of our website presents the material which is part of the Baltic Rim Project Conducted by

  • Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School,
  • Dr. Carl F. Fey of SSE SPb and The Institute of International Business at Stockholm School of Economics,
  • Dr. Orjan Solvell from Harvard Business School,
  • Dr. Christian Ketels from Harvard Business School, and Dr. Kim Moller from Oxford Research.

The project was a colloaborative effort between Harvard Business School, The Institute of International Business at Stockholm School of Economics, Oxford Research, and BICEPS. Based on a through analysis of the eBusiness and telecommunications industries in Russia, the results of the project point the way for Russia to increase its competitiveness using the successful development of the eBusiness and telecommunication industries as examples.

This project builds on Harvard Professor Michael Porter’s pervious work which includes more than 16 books and 75 articles including the best-selling books Competitive Strategy (in its 53rd printing), Competitive Advantage, Competitive Advantage of Nations, and On Competition, etc. Michael Porter has also written more than 15 articles for Harvard Business Review and served as a consultant for companies as diverse as Royal Dutch Shell, Proctor and Gambel and First Boston and for governments as diverse as India, New Zealand, and Canada.

Below we provide links to presentations made at a seminar SSE SPb held relating to the Baltic Rim Project.

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Seminar program

Prof. Michael Porter, Harvard on the Baltic Rim Project

Welcome and Helping Russia to Obtain Competitive Advantage, Carl Fey, SSE SPb and IIB
The importance of cooperation in regions, Christian Ketels, Harvard
Russia’s status and needs to create a globally-competitive environment, Igor Dukeov , SSE SPb
Session 1
Current status and future prospects for eBusiness in Russia, Carl Fey, SSE SPb and IIB
The emergence of eBanking in Russia, Rachel Doern, SSE SPb
Electronic payment systems in Russia, Victor Dostov, CEO, Paycash
Panel discussion with members of session 1
Session 2
Telecommunications, Kim Moller, Oxford Research, Denmark
Off-shore computer programming in Russia, Olga Trofimenko, SSE SPb
Panel discussion with members of session 1 + Bjare Jensen (Oxford Research) + Sergei Hromov-Borisov, Manager for New Project Development, (Telecominvest)

For additional information about the Baltic Rim project or the seminar please contact Dr. Carl Fey, Carl.Fey@hhs.seor Sergey Morgulis-Yakushev,, tel. 7-812-320-4806.


Michael Porter

is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School and the Director of the

Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness

Professor Porter has been a member of the Harvard Business School faculty since 1973. Professor Porter’s research focuses on regional cluster development, the impact of the Internet on competitive positioning, and antitrust policy. He is the author of 16 books and more than 75 articles, including such seminal works as Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors (1980), The Competitive Advantage of Nations (1990), and Can Japan Compete? (2000). He has also served as an advisor to many companies and government bodies in the United States and abroad. Professor Porter has won numerous awards for his teaching and research and holds eight honorary degrees.

Dr. Carl F. Fey

is Associate Dean of Research at Stockholm School of Economics in Russia and an Assistant Professor at Stockholm School of Economics. Much of Dr. Fey’s research focuses on how firms can operate effectively in Russia. In particular Dr. Fey’s work has focused on organizational culture, human resource management, strategic alliances, and eBusiness. Over 400 firms in Russia have taken part in Dr. Fey’s research over the past eight years. Dr. Fey’s research has appeared in leading western and Russian journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, European Management Journal, Voprosi Ekonomiki and Expert. Dr. Fey is also an active lecturer and consultant. Dr. Fey has worked as a consultant in Russia for well-known firms like AGA, Alfa Laval, and Unitex.

Dr. Orjan Solvell

is a visiting professor at Michael E Porter’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard University and Professor and Director of the Institute of International Business at Stockholm School of Economics. One of the world’s leading experts on competitiveness, Professor S