Anders Paalzow about new EMBA program


Hello, I'm Anders Paalzow, President of Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.
This year we are celebrating our 23 years in Russia, and we do it by launching a totally new EMBA program.

The EMBA programs, of course have the traditional parts like marketing, strategy, organization and management and so forth. But we also realized that today's economy, today's business requires much more from the manager, and in doing so we have developed what we call the FREE concept that form the basis for our educational programs.

Let me start by telling you about the F in the FREE concept. F stands for fact and science. So I our education is built on facts and science.

The R stands for reflection and self-awareness, which means we look on you as a person. We encourage you to reflect, we encourage you and assist you maybe even to develop your self-awareness.

The first E stands for empathy and the culturally literate, so we encourage you to develop your empathy, to get to understand how other people think irrespective from which culture they come. And this is for example seen in the number of trips we do outside Russia and also in our international faculty that expose you to different cultures.

The final E stands for entrepreneurship. And entrepreneurship of course could be starting a company of your own, but it could also be that you are entrepreneurial within your company. And I'm convinced that after being through the program you will see things differently and you will translate your knowledge into new activities or new ways of doing things in your organization.

So I would be very happy to welcome you to the new EMBA program that starts on 25th of March 2020. It's a program that will challenge you and once you're through it you would also join the strong network of more than 2,000 SSE Russia alumni.

Welcome and looking forward to seeing you in March.

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