Congratulations from Anders Paalzow to colleagues from AEB on their 25th anniversary


President of SSE Russia Anders Paalzow congratulate our colleagues from AEB on their 25th anniversary.

Anders Paalzow:

Happy birthday to AEB on it’s 25th anniversary from a somewhat younger member - the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.

Although we have just been around for 23 years we have the same mission to a very large extent as AEB that is to connect Russia with Europe and Europe with Russia. And we do it through education.

Our main program of course being the Executive MBA that we offer in English as well as in Russian language, and then we have a number of open programs for senior managers and on top of that we also have corporate programs.

So far during our 23 years we have had close to 3,000 people going through our program which means that we have quite a powerful network.

For this year our plans is to launch a brand new EMBA program that will cover the normal stuff like marketing, accounting, strategy and so forth, but also looking much more into the development of the leaders that take part in our program.

As for AEB we are of course very proud members and we are also feeling that we very much share the same values, same ideas as AEB that we see Russia as a country with huge potential and where we can contribute in various ways to the development of the country.

So I would like once again to take the opportunity to congratulate AEB on its 25th anniversary and also good luck in the 25 or even more years to come.

Happy birthday!

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