Yakov Mirkin, Master class of Yakov Mirkin “Risk management in conditions of "volcano" economy”


On February 10, 2016, Stockholm School of Economics and City Class company organized the master class of Yakov Mirkin “Risk management in conditions of "volcano" economy” in St.Petersburg. Presentation have been broadcasted online in the webinar format.

Yakov Mirkin, doctor of economics, director of the department of international capital markets of the Institute of the World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor and author of textbooks according to which the entire Russian financial market has learned.

The following topics were discussed at the master class:

  • You heard competent analysis of bottlenecks in the economy of Russia for the next few years, forecast of the main macroeconomic parameters and insights that helped you to “maneuver” faster in conditions of growing risks.
  • You received recommendations of Yakov Mirkin as practicing player on the market for preserving of financial stability, planning of investments and risk management in conditions of new reality.
  • You learned skills of analysis “in your personal capacity” to be able to compose your forecast and to work the only correct strategy for you and your business.

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Yakov Mirkin
Yakov Mirkin