Video of Mattia Bianchi webinar "3D printing: new age for innovation and operations management"


On February 10th we conducted the webinar entitled "3D printing: new age for innovation and operations management". The webinar was held by Mattia Bianchi who is Area Principal of Operations Management at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia. 

Webinar teacher was Mattia Bianchi who is an Associate Professor and tenure-track Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Area Principal of Operations Management at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.

Mattia told about key specifics of 3D-printing and efficient facilitation of those in management.

His main research areas are technology & innovation management, international business and energy economics.

Mattia has published several papers including articles in the Journal of International Business Studies, R&D Management, Technovation, Research-Technology Management, The Energy Journal and Technology Analysis and Strategic Management.

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Mattia Bianchi
Mattia Bianchi