May 21, 23, 28; from 6:30 till 9:30 pm

З evenings with Vassily Dermanov

Within the framework of our Business Zoom Program we are giving a series of open webinars that are to acquaint you with the state-of-the-art concepts of contemporary macroeconomics and enhance your understanding of the current economic situation in the world and in Russia. 

Teacher Vassily DermanovWe invite the participation of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia alumni, as well as of all those who share an interest to the issues of economy, both worldwide and in Russia specifically.

All the three webinars follow a consistent line of logic to form an integrated course. Each webinar starts with some relevant theoretical background and concepts, gradually zooming onto the analysis of current economic situation.

Each webinar requires a separate registration (!), which also means that you are not mandated to participate in all the three, but can choose any of them following your own preference.


May 21 – Webinar 1 
A Little Bit of Theory: How to Analyze Economy? Global and Non-Linear Processes.
Economy of Russia. Part 1. Brief Situation Analysis.

    • Economy as the environment that stipulates the development of business
    • What makes global thinking essential
    • What are the root causes of the current crisis?
    • Russia’s Economic Breakthrough – barriers and conditions

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May 23 - Webinar 2
Economy of Russia. Part 2. Internal challenges and Future Prospects

    • Development as a concept
    • Vulnerability of the rent-based economy
    • Dreaming of a sustainable and balanced growth
    • The role of RF National Projects in engineering the breakthrough

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May 28 – Webinar 3 
Economy of Russia. Part 3. External Challenges and Future Prospects

    • Global economic slowdown
    • Living under sanctions: experience of other countries
    • Analyzing internal global drivers of economy: USA, China and European Union
    • Escalation of general tension: Brexit, trade wars, military conflicts./li>

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Lecturer: Vassily Dermanov, is Associate Professor of Strategic and International Management at the Higher School of Economics in St.Petersburg State University and a visiting professor at the Stockholm School of Economics and Hanken School of Economics. He has 15 years of experience in teaching at Executive MBA and MBA programs in European Schools of Business. His courses center on macroeconomics, global economy, intellectual capital management and strategic resource management.

Webinars will be given in Russian
Duration of each webinar is scheduled to be 3 hours (including a break), time of the beginning being 6.30 p.m.
Available forms of involvement: distance participation (webinar) or attendance in presentia (in classroom)

Address for participating in presentia: Stockholm School of Economics in St.Petersburg , 1/3 Malaya Konyushennaya st., entrance on Shvedsky lane, Business Centre Sweden House, 4th floor.

Registration: please, use the links provided above.

In case you have any questions concerning registration or participation in presentia, please, contact:
or +7 921 595 43 20 (telephone, WhatsApp, Telegram).

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