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Corporate programs

SSE Russia Corporate Programs

The Stockholm School of Economics offers corporate programs which are aimed at particular goals and tasks of your Company.

We design our programs, relying on 60-year international experience and more than 10-year experience on the Russian market.

Value of Education for a Company

Our programs value is in their uniqueness. Each program of the Stockholm School of Economics is designed on the ground of Company’s particular goals and regarding individual tasks of the participants. Education combined with work on real problems creates the atmosphere of engagement and promotes development of an effective team.

Program Design Principles

The main corporate program design principle is a combination of latest knowledge and practical experience. The Stockholm School of Economics is more than 400 teachers with practical experience, consultants, experts, and trainers worldwide. The School includes 23 research institutes which enrich corporate programs with information about the most up-to-date trends in business and international experience in business theories and model application. Special program design allows the participants to get theoretical training and learn to apply the models in practical business task solutions.

Education Process

The interactive mode of our programs creates a unique education environment, which involves the participants into the process of active experience and information exchange both with the teachers and with each other. Continuous work on Company’s examples provides high motivation among participants and transformation of knowledge into successful practice.


The result of SSE corporate programs is a more effective and close-knit management team which is capable of successful achievement of Company’s strategic goals.

Result driven learning processes

For more information about programs you can find in the department of business development.

  • For questions related to programs of the Stockholm School of Economics, please contact Vsevolod Krylov, the Head of Corporate Programs Unit

  • Vsevolod Krylov