Novartis Business Academy (NBA)

Novartis Business Academy (NBA) is an educational program in business management for functional managers of Novartis Group Russia, designed and carried out in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics.

Using the approaches of classic European business education, Novartis Business Academy includes business simulation and academic lectures on marketing, strategy, finance, project management and other disciplines, developing leadership and management competencies, and help employees to be successful in Novartis.

The program is carefully designed and adapted for the Novartis Group Russia, it takes into account the specificity of the industry, company’s strategy in the market, business needs. Invited speakers — the leaders of the Novartis Group Russia and global office — share their experience and expertise, which helps to link theory with practice, academic modules with values of Novartis.

Cooperation between the Novartis Group and the Stockholm School of Economics began in 2008, and the 6th group of NBA started education in autumn 2014. During 5 years of program existence we have more than 150 graduates, and more than half of them were promoted to senior positions. This fact indicates that the program promotes personal and professional growth of employees, and also opens up new prospects.

Alla Mozzerina,
HR Director Novartis Group

Alla Mozzerina, HR Director Novartis Group
Alla Mozzerina, HR Director Novartis Group
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