Program Design Principles

Our main principle is to design each program for particular goals and tasks of the Company. Each program is created on the basis of SSE IFL Executive Education Methodology.

An effective corporate program shall help each participant and the whole team to grow in three key directions:
Business Development, Management Control, Leadership.

Each SSE program is aimed at manager’s competence development in these three directions. But at the same time a set of subjects of each program is unique. The program and all its directions are designed with a glance to corporate client’s needs and orientation on the client’s particular task solution.

Business Development

Economics, business strategy and its implementation, corporate finance, market analysis and new products launch, customer-oriented business approach, marketing and sales, competitive advantage development, change management, business innovations, international management, mergers and acquisitions.

Management Control

Finance and financial control, operation management, business infrastructure development, process approach to management, project management, quality management and its continuous enhancement, means of financial and operational control integration, risk management, relationship management.


Concepts of personal development and adaptation, personal resources management, communication and persuasion skills, staff management and human capital development, motivation and staff development, competence management, knowledge management, corporate culture.

Programs may contain the above-mentioned and other subjects but we always pay careful attention to the link between the blocks for creating a holistic view of business management.

  • For questions related to programs of the Stockholm School of Economics, please contact Vsevolod Krylov, the Head of Corporate Programs Unit

  • Vsevolod Krylov