Executive MBA

The launch of the program: September, 9 2020

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Executive MBA

SSE Russia - a modern European business school with over a hundred years of history offers Executive MBA program to those who:

  • Have already built promising careers
  • Feel motivated for deep learning rather than shallow one
  • Are ready for new challenges and making success stories of their own

Our program is designed for those who wish to obtain a better understanding of how to run their business effectively, need a solid, well-structured foundation for their operation on a daily basis and would like to expand expertise in decision-making. 

They prefer

  • Practical education based on personalized real life cases not standard textbook cases
  • Strengthening their own positive qualities and exploring what else they have to offer as professionals
  • Learning from a variety of perspectives represented by lectors from Sweden, Australia, Finland, Great Britain and other countries
  • Discovering latest trends in business development
  • Meeting like-minded people to simple mechanical networking
  • Diversifying their views on business environment

The main features of the SSE Russia EXECUTIVE MBA GENERAL MANAGEMENT programme are:

For further information on the EMBA GM program as well as on where you can meet with the representatives of the Stockholm School of Economics and ask any remaining questions, please, visit one of the upcoming informational sessions in St.Petersburg or Moscow.

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