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Essay Questions

Please write 5 essays covering the questions given below (the length of each essay should be around 600 words) and send to or

  1. Describe your personality, stressing the personal characteristics you feel to be your strengths and weaknesses. What are the main factors which influenced your personal development?
  2. Describe what you consider your three most substantial achievements to date, in both your professional and personal life, explaining why you view them as such.
  3. Describe your ability to cooperate with others. What makes it easier for you? What creates difficulties? What is the most natural role for you in the group of peers?
  4. Briefly outline your career goals: What do you expect to achieve by attending the Executive MBA programme at the Stockholm School of Economics? In what way do you think your company, and you personally, will benefit from this program?
  5. Please give a description of your personal motivation for applying to this program.