Participant Profile

There is no typical SSE Russia EMBA participant – you are all special!

For sure, there are some common features. Our participants already have jobs and promising careers, but are eager to develop their skillsets and prepare for the next step. They all work full-time, most have families, and still they manage to dedicate time to studies. This requires motivation as well as an ability to manage, prioritize and to delegate. Both at work and at home. This dedication pays off and does not remain unnoticed.

Nikolay, SSE Russia EMBA alumni says:

Even for me it was a big surprise that my colleagues from different departments began to turn to me for advice in solving problems and building business processes. And of course my family noticed the change too. They note that I have become more confident in my abilities to reach new professional heights. I am glad that I have such support as a family, like-minded classmates and a strong base from the school.

Our groups:

Below you see a picture illustrating cities of our participants in the intakes 2016-2021.

EMBA Profile Map
Each group is carefully assembled by the Admissions Team. We strive for diversity in the class. A more diverse group makes for broader case discussions, more perspectives, better learning – and excellent networks.

Our students represent a wide range of backgrounds. Your fellow participants will represent industries such as manufacturing, automotive, technology, forestry, medicine, telecom, retail and banking. Participants work in any size of company or the public sector, and some are entrepreneurs. They have different educational backgrounds and positions, which contributes to new perspectives, knowledge and learnings, as well as rich professional and personal networks. During the program you build a priceless network of experts in all fields, a sounding board for your future ideas and challenges, your eternal source of advice and recommendations, and make new friends for life. 

Tatiana, SSE Russia EMBA 2021 alumni says:

I would like to emphasize that positive consequences from SSE education are longplaying. There are a lot of sub-products besides direct knowledge and leadership skills, such as time-management in daily life, delegating tasks (to family members), broader view on political things, new friends and network and improved self-confidence. For me SSE education also indicates the importance of the life-work balance, which every leader I believe should be able to arrange in his\her life to live it happily.