Program description


EMBA GM22 held in English: September, 22 2021 - summer 2023
EMBA GMR14 held in Russian: November, 24 2021 - summer 2023

FORMAT: 13 modules with 3-5 weeks breaks.

Course list

  • Foundation (Program Orientation, Team Building and Group Dynamics)   >>>

  • Financial Reporting & Financial Control   >>>

  • Corporate Finance    >>>

  • Organizations, Change & Business Ethics   >>>

  • Strategy and Change Management   >>>

  • Marketing and Operations    >>>

  • Strategic Leadership   >>>

  • Business Context   >>>

  • Design Thinking and Business Analytics   >>>

  • Strategic Mindset and Innovation   >>>

  • Electives   >>>

  • Concluding module. Integrated learning experience.   >>>

(**The list of courses can be changed on the rector's order)

Parallel Courses :

Leadership Intelligence Development   >>>

During the Leadership Intelligence track we provide diversity of skill seminars and workshops, group coaching and individual coaching.

Business Research Methods

A research method series will be conducted partially online and partially in the class from the very start of the program (modules 1 – 5). We will look at both qualitative and quantitative methods and the art of writing a good business report and a good research report. 

SSE Live Change Project   >>>

Our EMBA program is built around SSE Live Change Project. It aims at implementing a change in a real organization. It is important that the change adds measurable value to the organization, constitutes a real improvement and can be done within the time scope of the change project.

SSE Live Executive Master Thesis (SSE Live EMT) 

You will generalize the knowledge acquired during the change project and put it into a broader research perspective. In the master thesis, you will develop a research question related to your change project and answer the question based on previous research and your findings.