• What are the requirements for applying to the SSE Russia Executive MBA programs?

    Minimum requirements include a Bachelor degree from an accredited institution of higher education and five years of relevant managerial experience.


  • How do I apply to the SSE Russia Executive MBA program? Which documents are necessary?

    To apply to the program, you must complete and send us by e-mail an application form and 2 written recommendation letters signed by a manager/partner/colleague at a higher level of management. We also require an official copy of your passport and degree/diploma and grade transcripts.

  • Where do I send my application?

    Send your application to the address listed below:

  • Who should send my recommendation letters?

    Recommendation letters should be written and signed by the person who recommends the participant for SSE in Russia, scanned and sent by e-mail directly to the following addresses:
    emba-gm@sserussia.org — for the EMBA GM in English program
    emba-rus@sserussia.org — for the EMBA GM in Russian program

  • Do you have any scholarships?

    ‎✓ We provide special financial incentive 10% for those who apply for EMBA General Management programs in case of advanced admission (Early Bird offer). We will announce the  dates as soon as we are able to guarantee quality and fulfilment of our commitments in a timely manner. 

    Please contact program consultants for details.

    ‎✓ Transportation costs compensations include:
    - 5% for students living and working in European part of Russia.
    - 10% for students coming from Ural region and Siberia.

    ‎✓ Corporate programs’ alumni are provided financial deduction of 15% in the period of three years after the completion of the program.

    ‎✓ Corporate clients: special payment conditions are applicable for three and more candidates from one company (please contact program consultants for details).


Prior to the interview, candidates go through a set of tests including, among others, Verbal Logical test, Logical Mathematical test, Quantity Estimation test and UPP test.

  • How does the Verbal Logical test look like?

    In this test you will be given several series of analogies. In each task you will be given two comprehensions. The first step is to understand the logical relation between these two words. The second step is use this logical relation to choose the right word for the comprehension given in the second pair.

  • How does the Logical Mathematical test look like?

    In this test you will be given several series of numbers. Each series was created by following a special rule. This rule applies either to the numbers themselves or to their order in the sequence. Based on this rule, and using the previous numbers in the series, you can determine what the next number should be.

  • How does the Quantity Estimation test look like?

    You shall find an approximate answer to the questions without any support materials (calculator, notebook, etc.). “Approximate” means ± 10%. For example, if the correct answer is 97.52 the answers 100, 90.17 and 106 are all within the allowed margin of error.

  • How does the UPP test look like?

    It is a testing procedure regarding personality dimensions and general mental ability. It is a self-report personality test which contains about 300 items and takes about an hour to respond to. The test measures a number of personality dimensions, as well as attitudes to work and job motivation.

  • How does the Interview look like?

    It is a 30-40-minute conversation between the candidate and 2 school representatives about the candidate’s personality. Questions to the candidate are based on the information provided in the application form, essays and recommendation letters.


  • What type of Diploma does SSE Russia provide?

    Those participants who successfully pass through the program will get the Executive Master of Business Administration Diploma of the Stockholm School of Economics. By attending an Executive MBA program unique for SSE Russia you hence receive a diploma from the Stockholm School of Economics.

  • Is the Diploma of SSE accredited?

    No, it isn't, since the Swedish higher education legislation does not accredit Executive MBA programs. But SSE as a school is accredited by EQUIS.

  • What is the difference between the EMBA GM in English program and the EMBA GM in Russian program?

    Both programs have the same content, materials and lecturers. The difference is only in the language of instruction and written home assignments, exams and Executive Master Thesis. Thus, the Russian language will be mentioned as the program language of instruction in the transcript to the EMBA in Russian Diploma.

  • Is the program taught in English?

    The program is held entirely in English (with simultaneous translation in the EMBA GM in Russian program).

  • When are classes scheduled? Are classes held in the evening or at weekends?

    Modules are usually scheduled Wednesday to Sunday from 9 am to 7.30 pm, with some evening activities during that week. Attendance is mandatory. Estimated time for self-studies between program weeks is approximately 10-15 hours per week. Modules frequency is roughly once every 4-6 weeks. Half of the modules take place in Moscow, half in Saint Petersburg, and one module is traditionally held in Stockholm. It is possible that other modules will take place abroad.

  • Is it possible to study on-line?

    Our educational model is based on interaction, communication with a group of like-minded people and international experts. This, first of all, implies class activities where all participants can exchange ideas with professors and other members of their group, which makes it possible to solve multifactorial problems that participants find difficult to solve on their own.

    At the same time, the Stockholm School of Economics keeps a close eye on education trends and applies the best technologies to improve the process. That's why our program plan includes distance sessions and uses all the modern methods to save time for practical case studies during our modules.

  • Do you require compulsory class attendance and ongoing formal examinations?

    Yes, we do, as that is the only way that we safeguard the academic quality and recognition of our programs and, hence, the Executive MBA diploma.

  • What career services are provided by SSE Russia?

    It is important that you have your employer’s consent and support to study in the EMBA program, and that your employer understands the investment of time required for this purpose. Many times the EMBA is part of a career development plan agreed upon by you and your employer. As most participants are sponsored by their current employer, SSE in Russia does not offer career services for EMBA participants.