Oleg Kovalev

Interview with the graduate of the EMBA program GM17 and founder of the performance marketing agency OK Marketing Oleg Kovalev about his studies at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.

Oleg Kovalev,
founder of the performance marketing agency OK Marketing

I joined the Stockholm School’s of Economics Excecutive MBA program on recommendation - several of the TOP managers I know had studied there. I knew that getting a good EMBA education gives a serious career boost. Actually, it was for the sake of career growth that I started searching for the program, and my ultimate goal in the educational process was to get the diploma and achieve the graduate status.

The very first session changed the way I’d imagined this education. To be honest, at first I even was a bit tense about us all talking too much and receiving too little knowledge. At one point I thought I had taken a soft skills development course while I had expected that EMBA would provide hard skills.

But by the end of the fifth day of the first module, I already had clear understanding and even the feeling that an Executive MBA was more than just a skills development and knowledge acquisition course. The SSE EMBA is like a closed club of positive and successful people who drive each other and develop as one team.

Just after the first module the "I" disappeared and a united "We" appeared. Of course, during the education process, we received a huge amount of necessary knowledge and skills from the best professors from around the world, but the value of the "closed SSE club" has far exceeded my expectations.

Now, two years after graduation, I am very confident that I always have a strong support in the community of alumni and faculty with whose help I can achieve really great goals. Which is actually what I’m doing).

Oleg Kovalev

Oleg Kovalev

EMBA GM17 Graduate

Founder of the performance marketing agency OK Marketing