Viktor Kalachev

Interview with the graduate of the EMBA program GM16 and founder and and CEO of Oland Promtechmontazh LLC Viktor Kalachev about his studies at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.

Viktor Kalachev,
founder and CEO of Oland Promtechmontazh LLC

The opportunity to study for an Executive MBA only became available to me at a quite mature age. Before that there had just been no time - I was building my own business, running around on business trips. I actually worked for two countries - Russia and Ukraine. I didn't have much time to study.

Then I realized that that was the time, I could postpone it no more. I took choosing the School very seriously. After some analysis, I decided in favor of the Stockholm School of Economics, as I had come to think of it as the best foreign business school in Russia. In fact, I still think so.

About five years have passed since I got my diploma. Emotions have calmed down, and I can now rationally speak about the positive aspects of the School and those areas that need to be improved. In particular, for a business owner. There are things you shouldn't be counting on directly, so that there are no exaggerated expectations and disappointments.

First of all, if we evaluate education as investment, in my case, and in the case of my colleagues, after studying at the business school there was no significant growth of income.

Secondly, after the festive toasts and congratulations on graduation from a prestigious School calm down, there is that feeling of euphoria and greatness, which doesn’t help running your business adequately on a daily basis. This can lead to some risky decisions and, consequently, losses. You have to adjust to the fact that you will always be your own person, and that what you get in business school is only for expanding your prospects and opportunities, for deeper analysis and understanding of internal interrelationships of processes.

This leads us to a third point - sometimes professors use cases from 10-15-20 years ago. Studying them may be useful for a better understanding of academic models, but for the fast-moving and changing business space of the present it feels kind of excessive. In such a case, during the process of numerous joint presentations and mini-projects, you can always customize your business as well, think about its prospects with the help of colleagues (who have their own view points), look at it from the outside. This way Ideas about its transformation arise.

What happened to me after graduation of the SSE? I don't know if I can connect it directly, but after I received my EMBA diploma I realized that what is mine would not go anywhere. But life goes by, and you have to understand what you really want. I still work hard, but I find time for painting too. Yes, I started to do oil painting on canvas. Now it's not just a weekend hobby. Painting is now another way for me to express myself and create intellectually. At the same time, my business continues to live, it has changed and become more industrial, but still makes me happy.

Viktor Kalachev

Viktor Kalachev

EMBA GM16 Graduate

Founder and CEO of Oland Promtechmontazh LLC