Application & Admission

Dear applicants!

Admission of applications for new EMBA programs has been temporarily suspended. We will announce the launch dates of the new groups as soon as we are able to guarantee quality and fulfilment of our commitments. Please check the admission procedure below.

Entry Requirements

  1. Completed higher education (Master, Specialist or Bachelor degree, with any major (speciality))
  2. Five years or more of managerial experience
  3. English language satisfactory proficiency: English is the language of instruction, participants must have a strong command of both written and spoken English

Admission process

I. Documents

  1. Application Form.
    For EMBA General Management in English please fill in thе application form in English
    For EMBA General Management in Russian please fill in thе application form in Russian
  2. Two recommendation letters are required.
    References should come from the workplace, current or past, from someone who has had a chance to evaluate you in a work setting.
    Please choose the language according to your demand:
  3. Five essays (covering the questions given in the application form.
    The length of each essay should be around 600 words)
  4. Copy of the University degree (or equivalent to University degree) and the transcript
  5. High-resolution Applicant’s digital photo (should be pasted into the application form)
  6. Supplementary: certificates and other documents, which the applicant wants SSE to consider
  7. Color copy of the passport (spread with a photo and registration at the last place of residence)
  8. Color copy of the insurance certificate of compulsory state pension insurance (SNILS)

All relevant documents are to be provided in electronic format via e-mail to

The same requirements apply to the recommendation letters which are to be sent by the referee directly to Stockholm School of Economics Russia by e-mail.

II. Testing Procedure

  1. English synonyms test
  2. Logical mathematical test
  3. Verbal logical test
  4. A testing procedure regarding personality dimensions and general mental ability

III. Interview with SSE Russia representatives in English


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