Word from Program Director

Dear future participants of ЕМВА program!

It is always not very easy to answer the most frequently asked question „By what does your school/program differ from similar ones?” Really, if we compare structures of EMBA programs all of them are built from more or less standard „modules”: strategy, marketing, change management, corporate finance, marketing etc. But there are sometimes key aspects and factors that are difficult to see and that can be „felt” only if you are inside this complicated, live, changing, innovative and simultaneously fairly conservative community called Stockholm School of Economics.

First, each of the educational modules of EMBA program does not live its own „island” life without intersections with other areas of knowledge but it is connected with them through analytical ties, bridge buildings, business cases, cross group discussion and, of course, in the framework of the final certificate program of master thesis.

Such systemic approach to education allows development of conceptual thinking and viewing the company as a kind of live organism in a fairly aggressive environment to conduct diagnosis of the company through „cognitive lens” in the form of business models, concepts, approaches and tools regularly for determination of quality of life activity of the company and to work out correct actions for maintenance of its healthy lifestyle in all aspects and long-term perspective against the background of quickly changing conditions of business environment.

At the very beginning of Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy wrote, „All happy families are happy in the same way, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” It is difficult to argue with the classic but in business everything is not quite so because even if you know the success algorithm of a well-known „happy” company well and steps of its leader on this path it is impossible to repeat this success because it is unique. But mistake and failures of all „unhappy” companies are fairly standard and very „virulent,” that is infectious, reproducible and are involuntarily copied. One of the main tasks of EMBA program is learning to see these mistakes and not to repeat them, which will allow strengthening of a kind of „immunity” to them, preserving of personal and organizational potential and its directing for creation of your own unique success.

Of course, we cannot help speaking about the unique symbiosis of Swedish and Russian cultures in general and business cultures in particular in the framework of EMBA program, which yields a very creative alloy and allows enrichment of Western theory with Russian experience and dispersing of skepticism based on a presumption that Western business approaches and models are not very useful on Russian soil.

One of the key values of learning in the framework of EMBA program in the school is creation of a collective of people who think in the same way on the basis of two years of collective learning the essence of which is much deeper and more durable than a slightly hackneyed term „networking” that has a flavor of certain business pragmatism. Fellowship of students and alumni of EMBA program is a real fact but it is possible to check it only if you become a member of this community wonderful without exaggeration called Stockholm School of Economics.

We are waiting for you!