Interview with Dr. Anders Liljenberg, SSE Russia Dean


There are too many negative forecasts about development of business in Russia now. Meanwhile, majority of entrepreneurs and specialists try to find a way out of a difficult situation. The Dean of Stockholm School of Economics Russia proposed his list of anti-crisis measures too. In an interview to Millionaire International Anders Liljenberg has said where to invest money, why it is necessary to read Dostoevsky and by what the Olympics have helped us.

– People around speak only about the crisis. How much did it influence your company?
– We (Stockholm School of Economics – note of the editorial board) came to Russia in 1997 and already in 1998 there happened a crisis that was repeated in 2008. Afterwards, there followed the war in Georgia and a new political economic crisis grew mature now. And today we are permanently asked, "Situation is difficult, probably you are going to stop working in Russia? Our answer is, "Of course, no!" Because this is the period of crisis and perturbations that opens a perfect opportunity for consolidation of your efforts and accumulation of force to worse even more successfully further.

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Anders Liljenberg