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Since 2017, the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia has offered the Business Zoom program - for owners and directors of medium and small businesses, as well as department heads. In December 2022, by decision of the Swedish management of the School, the development of this program has been handed over to a Russian team of employees, who operate under the brand name Nordic School of Economics (NSE), fully relying on more than 25 years of experience of SSE Russia.

Business Zoom’s unique approach is a dynamic insight into theory and practice of effective management, a focus on addressing real challenges, and a detailed examination of the progressive management tools.

The programme is also useful for specialists in different areas of business who wish to foster their professional development and broaden management perspective.

Business Zoom allows you to:

  • Go beyond the comfort Zone of your own management experience and learn innovative executive approaches
  • Оperate with essential knowledge and skills for effective management of business processes
  • Observe and study best practice from modern companies with world-class academics and practitioners from Russia and abroad
  • Мaximise management knowledge systems for your own needs, pinpoint key aspects and use them in a real business project

This course is ideal for owners and general directors of middle-size business or those in charge of functional departments or business units. The Business Zoom programme will be useful for experts in different areas of business who are planning their professional development, and wish to broaden their management perspective.

The format of Business Zoom is:

  • SSE class-based learning in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • 6 modules of 4 days each
  • intermodular activity: webinars, pre-module assignments and work on a business project
  • defence of a project before an examination commission

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