The Stockholm School of Economics is a leading business school in Northern Europe, offering business education in compliance with the most advanced standards. Interactive classes, case studies of the top transnational corporations and analysis of the world's real-life situations encountered by the program participants in their professional careers prevail in its educational process. 

Exchange of experience and ideas among successful entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and talented managers is an integral part of the education delivered by the Stockholm School of Economics. Chamber study group format enables to create a unique interaction between program participants, the faculty, and business community. 

Upon successful completion of the program, each participant becomes a full member of the Stockholm School of Economics community in Russia, a unique group that embraces Executive MBA alumni, graduates of public and corporate programs; it currently consists of more than 2,000 Russian executives and business persons. For members of the community, training sessions, on-site training modules, guest lectures and webinars, as well as alumni reunions are being staged on a regular basis.

According to the Financial Times annual rankings, the Stockholm School of Economics is unfailingly acknowledged as the best business school in Northern Europe; it has successfully been working in Russia for more than 20 years. 

2021/2022 Financial Times international rankings:

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