Executive Open Programs

Financial Times ranks Stockholm School of Economics’ open programs traditionally high in the overall ratings of global business schools. Open formats have a benefit of mixing and mingling business executives from various industries and organizations.

Stockholm School of Economics Russia offered open programs for leaders of different experience levels coming from different sizes of companies. Since December 2022 the educational activities regarding the open programs have been handed over to the Russian management team, which now operates under brand Nordic School of Economics. 

All programs are delivered in Russian.

Advanced Business Management
ADVANCED BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – a program about leading business technologies, top-notch management trends and advanced companies. Tailored for the skilled leaders, hungry for modern business practices and reaching high in terms of the strategic thinking.
BUSINESS ZOOM - a program for SME managers and business owners in search for the new growth points for themselves and their businesses, willing to acquire modern managerial knowledge, boost their leadership skills and discover new resources and niches to make a quantum leap forward.
Fine Leaders
FINE LEADERS - a program for successful leaders, who want to reset their business acumen to embrace the new reality and master contemporary skills of leading people and organizations. The program outcomes are a new leadership vision and relevant competences fitting to the rapidly changing world.

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