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The program combines hands-on approach with a Swedish business education philosophy:

  • Maximum practice with the necessary theory.
    Theoretical knowledge alone can’t shape the leader, but competitive situations, debates and the need to defend their opinions can. The practical part is the most important part of our training.

  • Lot of individual work and classes in small chamber groups.
    Such an approach allows for the more comfortable, high-quality and effective training process. And the most important, it’s ensuring full contact with teachers and other participants, which is especially important for good feedback.

  • Organized reflection and understanding of the completed course.
    The main task of the program is to achieve the most positive changes in the type of managerial behavior. We want to shape the character of a true leader.

  • Striving for diverse points of view, provocative thinking and the absence of foregone answers.
    We are learning to work in a new fast-paced world, where the skill of quick decision-making is vital in the setting of constant uncertainty. Developing appropriate skills give you confidence and consciousness that you are a successful leader.

  • Strong reliance on the personal experience of the participants.
    Not only students but all of us learn from each other, one way or another. Mutual discussion, principles of cultural diversity and different approaches allows you to gain enough practical experience to raise your level of team leading and management of business processes.

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