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One of the Fine Leaders' pivotal features is one-to-one interaction of participants with experienced coaches and experts. Due to profound and carefully thought-out educational framework, the participants will be able to acquire multi-faceted leadership skills and employ a management style of their own matching the external and internal environments. This approach will make them capable and efficient in situations involving a high degree of uncertainty and market hyper-variability. 

At the outset of the training program, each participant will choose a personal coach, to work with them individually throughout the entire course. 


Personal track format

Prior to the beginning of the training, in order to better understand what additional stresses are to be made in coaching, as well as to improve oneself further as a leader, a preparatory stage will be offered, consisting of several units:

  • Hogan Assessments.
    A system intended to assess various aspects of one business personality; it has already established itself as one of the most reliable and accurate. In its format, it represents a set of three online questionnaires on key professional competencies:
    a) HPI: Hogan Personality Inventory is focused on one's personality.
    b) HDS: Hogan Development Survey is focused on one's personal development.
    c) MVPI: Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory is focused on one's motivation. 
    The results of comprehensive questionnaires will help participants realize their leadership potential and better understand in their further joint work with their coach what obstacles should be surmounted in order to bring their best personal qualities into effect.
  • Assessment by 360 ° Feedback Method
    The 360° survey uses a specialized questionnaire that gives an insight into how a participant perceives themselves and how others see them.
    Integrating feedback from all respondents allows us to model a 3D map of one's leadership qualities. The 360° survey provides a sharp and detailed understanding of the participants's strengths and weaknesses within the scope of their present working activities. 
  • Coaching
    In the course of the entire program, participants will enjoy two key formats: personal interaction with their coaches and focus group sessions. The former format is essential for thorough consideration and the development of personal qualities, whereas the latter is needed for a comprehensive feedback that is particularly effective in assessing the quality of one's presence, influence, and leadership in working groups. Similar methodologies are employed by the world's leading schools and assessment centers.

Among other things, personal development track is aimed at better comprehension of knowledge and skills obtained in the course of the training program. But most importantly, in the framework of this unit, the participants will be able to fully realize their strengths and development zones, and further down the road, develop a leadership style that is suitable for them.



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