For whom

The programme is designed for:

  • owners and directors of SMEs who wish to structure and systematise their practical experience in business, to discover how the best global companies succeed, to identify resources and niches to make a leap forward in their own business, and to evaluate their own management qualities and approaches to running companies
  • managers of departments, sections and functional areas who wish to gain a system-wide overview of business, to enhance and expand their understanding of management and to raise their management competencies
  • experts in any line of business who require broader knowledge of business as a whole and who wish to develop their competencies as a (future) manager

The programme is targeted at those who wish to:

  • understand the situation on the market as a whole and comprehend the actions of a company in a competitive environment
  • see the connection between the challenges of their own department and the company strategy; their own objectives as linked to the strategy
  • get to grips with the concept of customer focus and find out how to win over and retain clients in conditions that are highly competitive for their company
  • understand financial issues in business, grasp financial accountability of any company and discern resources for increasing efficiency and profitability for their own business
  • discover how a modern organisation is structured, learn how to put together effective teams, develop their own leadership qualities, and how to bring about change in an organisation (at departmental level, or in the company as a whole)
  • increase personal proficiency in managing oneself and others, learn techniques to influence, convince and effectively communicate
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