Карл Фей, Ректор Ноттингемской бизнес-школы в Китае,

Dr. Carl Fey

Dean of Research, SSE Russia and his co-authors have won the Journal of International Business Studies decade award for 2013. This article list Dr. Fey as Associate Professor of International Business, affiliated with the Stockholm School of Economics, Russia.  The publication is one part of a research project Carl directed while at SSE Russia.  The Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) is the leading journal in the world in international business and the award goes to the article published 10 years ago in JIBS which has had the largest influence on the field of international business. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of international business.  

The award is for the article:
Minbaeva, D., Pedersen, T., Bjorkman, I., Fey, C. F., & Park, H. J.  2003.  MNC knowledge transfer, subsidiary absorptive capacity and HRM.  Journal of International Business Studies, 34: 586-599. 

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