Юбилейный год Стокгольмской Школы Экономики

Irina Antonova Антонова and Elena Lopareva
near to stand SSE Russia

In 2009 the Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden) marks its centennial jubilee. 
The Stockholm School of Economics was founded during the years of actively developing industrialization when there appeared a pressing need for well-educated managerial staff. For their education leaders of the Swedish business community of the beginning of the 20th century established the Stockholm School of Economics in 1909. The first group of students who graduated from the School consisted of 110 people.
In a hundred of years of its existence the Stockholm School of Economics passed a glorious way: it has become one of the European leaders of business education, it has its own branches and possesses close relations with universities and business schools of various countries. In this jubilee year the Stockholm School of Economics plans to organize a number of holiday events, conferences and roundtable meetings. 
In January SSE Russia team presented themselves at the first centennial kick off in Stockholm. The event gathered all employees of SSE who played two roles at one time – they presented their own departments and were guests of others. The SSE Russia stand presented not only EMBA and corporate programs, but bright staff and traditional Russian treatment – caviar and vodka!


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