16 сентября в Москве состоялся День Открытых Дверей Стокгольмской Школы Экономики.

More than 60 visitors came to the Open House, held by the Stockholm School of Economics Russia in Moscow on 16 September. This year, visitors enjoyed a unique opportunity to participate in the learning process. 
Dean of SSE Russia Dr. Anders Liljenberg gave a lecture on Marketing in a Contemporary Business Environment, exploring the subject of marketing strategy planning based on consumer behavior, and using Ericsson and Nokia as prime examples of a savvy customer policy. Dr. Liljenberg also explained how investment in marketing can bring returns – a subject that sparked maximum interest in the audience. 

Johnny Lindstrom, Academic Director and Associate Dean of the School, told the audience about the academic customs and policies espoused by SSE, highlighting the benefits of the Stockholm School of Economics, and sharing his experience of teaching in Russia. The Open House concluded with Executive MBA program directors and other SSE faculty members answering numerous audience questions. 


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