Завершился 2-ой раунд международной образовательной программы Стокгольмской Школы Экономики в России для компании «Филип Моррис».

Project defense presentations took place in Lausanne on 4th June, in front of the large top management team of the EEMA region (Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Dean of SSE Russia, Dr. Anders Liljenberg. At the end of the day the top management of PMI expressed their high appreciation of the program and thanked SSE for the high quality education course.
The program gathered  international scope of participants from 14 countries, very high demands to the education provider and client’s orientation on world class business practices.
Education modules of the program were carried out in Switzerland, Turkey, Serbia and UAE.

On Monday 13 May, the Financial Times published the 2013 global ranking of executive education providers, which showed improved performance by SSE IFL.

SSE remains the top ranked executive education provider for both custom and open programs in the Nordic Baltic region.

SSE improved its performance in both individual open and custom rankings. 

In the global open program rankings, SSE improved from 42nd to 36th place. SSE is now placed 16th in Europe.

In the custom program rankings, SSE climbed to 31st from 34th place.  SSE is now placed 15th in Europe.

In 2013, SSE is ranked 29th in the combined ranking of open program providers and custom program providers, an improvement from 2012’s ranking of 34th. SSE also now placed 15th in Europe for the combined ranking.

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